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Info graphics

have a look... Here
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Viktor Timofeev - composition and drawing

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Masking - Landscapes

reinterpreting landscapes through masking

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"A man provided with paper, pencil, and rubber, and subject to strict discipline, is in effect a universal machine"

quoted from 'but does it float'

Jorinde Voigt

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Composition and data display


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Stevens Rhino Tutorials

Just in case you haven't logged on to the Ning here are Stevens videos you need to view before our next studio

1. Rhino basics
2. Drawing 2D curves in Rhino
3. Installing template files and custom Aliases
4. Modeling a Mies van de Rohe Chair in Rhino
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A guide to perspective drawing

fundamentals of perspective drawing here
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Photographic Scultpure

David Meanix

See also Susy Oliveira
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Choi Ropiha - TKTS Project

Mentioned in class the TKT's booth in times square by Choi Ropiha

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Photographic Plans

Neil Leifer

Muhammad Ali v Cleveland Williams
Houston Astrodome

Aneta Grzeszykowska and Jan Smaga "Plan"
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Photography Lecture Recap

Some photos from the Photography lecture

Julius Shulman

Isidro Blasco

Enric Miralles

Max Dupain

Alex Maclean

Andreas Gursky

'99 Cent II, Diptych' (2001), (207 x 337 cm). Became the most expensive photo in history when it was auctioned for over $3.3 million

Edward burtynsky